OEDI supports a variety of development projects that can be classified into four categories: education, clean water, health care, and micro-financing. At OEDI we believe the most effective way for a community to rise from poverty is through a three step process. First, providing health care and clean water to nourish the body. Second, provide access to education to develop the mind. Third, grant access to capital for entrepreneurs to develop the community.   

Health Care

Proper health care in a developing community is essential for optimal growth. OEDI believes once the body is cared for, the mind is free to focus on development, unhindered by the fear of disease or illness.


Closely associated with health care, clean water is essential for a healthy individual. Waterborne disease is one of the biggest concerns for developing communities. OEDI proudly supports sustainable clean water initiatives that positively contribute to healthy mind/body development.   


OEDI firmly believes access to education is a human right. Education is much more than just knowledge; moreover, it gives children the opportunity to realize their natural talents and gifts. 


With a 97% repayment rate, OEDI provides micro-loans for women and small business owners. Additionally, OEDI, in conjunction with their In-Country Coordinators (ICC), construct and lease low-cost retail spaces for startups in developing countries.

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